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Effective Tutoring Service in Falls Church, VA

Looking for an enrichment tutor in Falls Church? Tutoring is one of the best ways to reinforce good learning habits and stay on track in a child's studies. Eye Level Learning Center offers highly qualified, professional tutors in Falls Church, VA. Whether your child is advanced and enjoys being challenged or needs help building his/her skills and confidence, we are here to help. Unlike traditional tutoring programs, Eye Level helps children learn on their own, with the support of our talented instructors. English tutoring and math tutoring are the primary programs we focus on at our Falls Church location.

Staying motivated to learn is one of the most difficult aspects of studying. Sometimes it can help a child to be accountable for doing their work, especially when there are large segments of reading or other material that they are responsible for learning on their own. The same goes for basic math. In addition, it is more satisfying and a better use of their time when they have someone who can answer their questions and walk them through the answers, rather than turning to a book or looking up tutorials online. Many of our clients in McLean, Fairfax, and Arlington having been coming to us for math and English instruction.

For your Falls Church tutoring needs, look no further than Eye Level Learning Center. We are conveniently located in Falls Church, VA, so we are just a phone call away if your child needs help. We are dedicated to client satisfaction, and will do whatever it takes to get your child back on track and feeling good about their math or English studies.

Individualizing Our Curriculum

We customize our curriculum to cater to each child's unique needs.  Each child has a unique starting point based on his or her ability, regardless of his or her school age.  We determine the unique starting point after a diagnostic assessment. Eye-Level is self-paced. Each child's study progression is based on their individual pace of learning. Here are a few examples of how we customize:

  • A third grade student needs help with writing fluency and detail. We use our Eye Level workbooks and writing journals and do a variety of writing activities to improve the child's writing abilities. These types of exercises include: descriptive writing, summarization, compare/contrast, retelling, and creative writing. The child also learns to self-edit his or her work, checking for punctuation, grammar, and spelling.
  • A student is decoding well but needs additional support in reading comprehension, making connections, and drawing inferences. We customize our English curriculum to focus on these areas.
  • A pre-school student is gifted and advanced, but does not have the fine motor skills to write effectively. We focus on handwriting and building fine motor skills for the first several weeks.


We have been delighted with our daughter's progress at Eye Level. She has gained confidence in her math ability; enjoys her time at Eye Level; and has increased interest in Math at school.

- Mother, 3rd Grader

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